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Sunset Diving Flat Island Safari
Sunset Diving Flat Island Safari

Our safari outings offer 2 dives on Coin de Mire or Flat island followed by a picnic on Flat island and its beaches.

Coin de Mire

At an average depth of 6 meters and crystal water with high visibility. Diving conditions are ideal all year round.

Dive at Coin de Mire and have amazing views on the reef, the fish and lots of corals. You’ll explore the flora and colorful Coin de Mire reef which is absolutely beautiful.

The reef is home to several fish species which include Damselfish, butterfly, small ‘Pipefish’ fish and big fish trumpets. In addition, with a bit of luck you can see turtles and dolphins when snorkeling.

Flat island

The flat island, is located near Round island, in the extreme north of the island of Mauritius, about 11 kilometres north of Cap Malheureux.

Flat island is the largest of the Islands in the North. As its name suggests, it is almost flat, but however has a large hill, rising a lighthouse. The vegetation is strongly modified. In the North of Flat island is the ‘Rock Pigeon’, a wild and steep side.

The island platform is well known to divers with mask and snorkel and offers superb diving sites. Admire the crystalline turquoise blue water and the beautiful beaches.


  • Departure 8:30 am and return around 3:30 pm.
  • Minimum : 6 divers.
  • Subject to acceptable weather conditions.

Our Safari trips also include 1 dive out of 2 with the Sharks.

The Shark Pit

This safari takes place about once a month, depending on the weather, which must be perfect for this dive. 

We announce the next Shark Pit on our Facebook page and no more than a week in advance.

Located between Île Ronde and Île aux Serpents, 1 hour’s sail north of Mauritius, the Shark Pit owes its name to the presence of Blacktip Sharks, which can be found there in large numbers.  It’s an exceptionally popular scuba diving site, allowing divers to observe sharks swirling around in their natural environment.

Blacktip sharks are not aggressive towards divers. It is best not to disturb them and to respect their environment. However, vigilance is advised and it is essential to dive accompanied by diving professionals with a thorough knowledge of the site. As sharks are not tame, they may sometimes be absent, although this is rare.

A sensational dive that’s sure to send shivers down your spine!


  • Departure 8.30 am and return around 3.30 pm.
  • Minimum 6 divers.
  • Subject to satisfactory weather conditions.
  • Reserved for experienced divers, minimum open water with experience in the current. A very sporty dive!
  • Depth: 18m
Sunset diving Dive with Sharks


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Safari and Half Safari

Euros €
SHARKS DIVE SAFARI (2 Dives) 165 €
GUNNER'S COIN SAFARI (2 Dives) 105 €