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The “Fédération Française d’Etude et de Sports Sous-Marin” is a French sports federation, approved and delegated the Ministry of Sports, for the discipline of underwater sports, including underwater diving.

Affiliated with the “Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatique” (CMAS), it is recognized worldwide for its seriousness and the pedagogical quality of its training through the diving centers that represent it.

You will be supported by a federal instructor or a state patent who has undergone drastic training of the first order. It will assure you safety and pleasure in every step of your training or your explorations.

You will be able to evolve from a shallow environment, full of life and colors, to medium and deep spaces, more technical and haunting, depending on your level of training.

The FFESSM Levels

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The First Dive is a discovery and an introduction to scuba diving.

Open to children as from 8 years old with parental consent.

You will have a first grip of the material and some essential information for a pleasant dive.

You will be taken in hand by a confirmed supervisor, who will ensure your safety and will make sure to offer you an unforgettable experience in a wonderful underwater world.

First Dive is the first step to Level 1 accession.

Level 1 is the first diploma of the FFESSM.

You must be 14 years old minimum (12 years under certain conditions), a medical certificate of less than 1 year for the activity of underwater diving.

It allows you to dive up to 6 meters with a supervisor level 1 (E1) or higher, or up to 20 meters (25 m in Mauritius) framed by a level 4 minimum.

At the student’s request, the student can follow the “Aptitude PE 12” training, allowing him to be independent up to 12 meters with another diver of the same level as him or higher.

Level 1 will allow you to discover and admire the magnificent underwater world of the blue planet, as well as a breathtaking variety of fauna and flora, equally varied, at low and medium depths.

Level 1 will give you the opportunity, if you wish, to pass level 2.

Level 2 is the first degree of autonomy of the FFESSM.

You must be at least 16 years old (parental authorization for a minor), a medical certificate of less than one year, issued by a sports doctor or hyperbaric or federal.

Be a Level 1 holder and have done at least 10 dives in a natural environment.

You will learn how to plan your dive and take into account all the parameters necessary for the smooth running of the dive.

Technical development, and assistance of another diver if necessary, will be part of your skills.

This diploma in your pocket, you will evolve independently up to 20 m with another diver of the same level as you or higher and up to 40 m framed by a level 4 or higher.

This diploma will allow you to discover a new environment hitherto unknown to you.

Level 2 gives you access to level 3 passage.

Level 3 opens the doors to deep space and a multitude of wrecks and drop-offs.

It is limited in autonomous to 40 m without director of surface diving and 60 m with director of surface diving.

Planning, preparation, risk prevention, management, technical improvement in deep diving, assistance and care, deep understanding of the theory of diving, a whole range of knowledge that will make you, during your dives, an experienced diver.

Level 3 gives you access to the level 4 training, synonymous with supervisor (guide de palanquée).


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CMASS Msda \ FFESSM Trainings (Equipment and Certification included)

LEVEL 1 490 €
LEVEL 2 650 €