First Dive

Discover a New Sensation

What is a First Dive?

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The First Dive is an initiation to scuba diving (discovery of fauna and flora, getting use to the diving equipment).


Why Should you do a First Dive?

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The Good Reasons

To feel one’s body differently and discover a new sensation, in the water we fly !

In order to discover diving

In order to evolve in the aquatic world and see fish in their natural environment, the aquarium

Finally, to become independent before starting your first level of diving

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The Bad Reasons

To make someone happy

To make oneself scared

The Steps of the First Dive

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Sunset Diving First Dive


Arrival at the center/club diving (at 8.30am or 2pm), reception and registration. Then putting of the equipment (combination, palm, mask, lead…), and you will be explained the First Dive process. Then, you head out to sea on the diving site of the day. A less than 10-minute boat ride.

At the diving site, the experiences divers go on dive (group of 2 divers and more). Your monitor will check your diving equipment and jumps into the water, he will await you with your bottle. You will have to test the holder (the tip allowing you to breathe the air of your bottle), to feel the feeling, inhale then exhale a few times…

When you’re ready, the monitor deflates your vest and you will go down (up to 6 m) during 20 minutes.

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Under Water

At the beginning you will only think about breathing, it’s the monitor who will make you move. When you are a little more comfortable, you can begin to move by yourself.

In all cases, there is no need to panic. If this is the case, breathe and alert monitor. Anyway there is a good chance he already spotted it and you will already be close to the surface

The monitor will always have a hand on you, and he knows exactly what to do if he feels a surge of panic in you… The first dive is really without any risk.

You are submerged between 0 and -6 meters from the surface.

During your First Dive, you may see wreck sites, wildlife and flora lying between 0 and 6 m deep (most of the underwater fauna is located before the 15 m). The first dive will also make you discover a form of sliding, it’s as if you were flying under water!

Sunset Diving First Dive

After the Dive

Some monitors will be able to take your picture of your first dive for even more memories.

At the club will receive you a certificate.

The first dive is an original gift idea which can be practiced on vacation or close to home (pool, sea).

There is no obligation, but before starting a level 1 or an open water diving, it is highly recommended to do an introduction to know if this pleases you.

Possibility to do a 2nd dive (12 meters).


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Activity Equipment Provided
1 DIVE (after DSD max 12m) 55 €