Terms and Conditions of Sales and Services - SUNSET DIVING Mauritius


BLACK STORM LTD (Trading name SUNSET DIVING Mauritius) is a diving centre offering all activities related to scuba diving, tourism and leisure. Its head office is at Royal road, sunset bld, GRAND BAIE, MAURITIUS.

The privileged place of the activity and the reception of the customers are located in GRAND BAIE.

For the application of the present general conditions of sale and service, it is understood that SUNSET DIVING Mauritius and the persons ordering one or more Products or Services, will be collectively called for SUNSET DIVING Mauritius : ” SUNSET ” or the ” Seller “, and for the persons having placed an order, the ” Purchaser ” or the ” Customer “.

Participant's agreement

I acknowledge that my activity directed by SUNSET is conditioned by the guarantee that I am physically fit to practice scuba diving/snorkeling, that I understand the risks associated with scuba diving, and that I understand the risks associated with travel on the dive boat. I release SUNSET, its staff or other divers from any damage, injury or death in connection with the scuba/snorkeling activities. I accept the general terms and conditions of SUNSET described below.

Article 1 . Purpose

SUNSET hereby defines the general terms and conditions of sale which are applicable to all commercial relations between the Seller and the Customers (individuals and groups).

These general terms and conditions of sale also govern all forms of promotion, except for provisions to the contrary which will be attached to these commercial operations and specified by the Seller on the occasion of these operations.

A version of the general terms and conditions of sale is available on the Temple website (www.sunset-diving.mu) at the time the Client makes a reservation request for diving services. Any reservation request to SUNSET implies the acceptance of the present general sales conditions.

Article 2. Products – Services

2.1 Availability

The offers concerning the Products and Services are described on the website as well as on information tools displayed in the centre.

These offers are valid, within the limit of available stocks or opening dates, as long as they are visible on the Website or on the information boards in the centre in GRAND BAIE.

The photographs, images or other reproductions presented on the Web site in illustration of the Products or Services offered are not contractual. The Purchaser is invited to consult the description of each Product and Service to know the availability, the characteristics and if necessary, any other information relating to its conditions of use or employment.

2.2 Exploratory dives

The price of the exploration dive includes :

  • Transportation to the dive site by boat, if necessary
  • Supply of equipment: wetsuit, fins, mask, waistcoat, regulator, octopus
  • Supply of belt and ballast
  • The supply of an inflated tank
  • The rental of the instructor’s services for dives at the “supervised” rate or requiring supervision (baptism, exploration, training, etc.)
  • The price of the exploration dive does not include :
  • The dive computer, the parachute
  • If necessary, supplements linked to the characteristics of the dive(s), and without this being exhaustive: deep dive, night dive, etc…

A preferential rate is applied to professionals and clients in possession of their complete equipment (excluding tanks).

2.3 Diving packages

SUNSET offers degressive rates for exploration dives in the form of “Dive Packages”. These packages are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Dive packages are nominative and can only be used by one diver (spouse or children are accepted)

After the validity date, the dives of the Dive Package not used can be re-credited when purchasing a new package, otherwise they are lost by the customer.

2.4 Baptêmes et Randonnées palmées (snorkeling)

The price of the baptisms includes :

  • Transport to the dive site by boat, if necessary
  • The supply of the equipment: wetsuit, fins, mask, waistcoat, regulator, octopus
  • The supply of the belt and the ballast
  • Supply of an inflated tank
  • Rental of the instructor’s services
  • The price of the snorkelling trips includes :
  • Transport to the dive site by boat, if necessary
  • Provision of fins, mask and snorkel
  • Rental of the instructor’s services for supervised tours

2.5 Equipment rental

SUNSET provides the Clients with the following equipment: – Wetsuits – Fins, masks, snorkels – Jackets – Regulators with octopus – Computers – Parachutes – Lights

This equipment is available for rent at the rates displayed at the diving centre.

2.6 Customer's obligations

The Client must personally ensure that he is in possession of all qualifications and supporting documents required for the activity he wishes to perform and produce the originals to SUNSET before the start of the activity.

2.7 Validation of a diving level or first aid course

SUNSET reserves the right not to issue a diving or first aid level if the Client has not attained the minimum competencies relative to the level claimed by the training. In this case, no refund will be given.

Article 3. Prices

All prices are quoted in Euros and Mauritian Rupees.  The valid prices are those in force at the time of the reservation made by the Client.

Article 4. Reservation

The reservation of the Customer will be definitively registered only with the reception of a deposit of 700 rs for the confirmed dives as well as the baptisms and 1500 rs for the formations. Confirmation of the deposit can be made by email, message or telephone. The balance will be paid on site before the diving and accommodation services.

As soon as the booking is registered, a confirmation e-mail from the Seller will be sent to the Client, specifying the dates of the services.

For the follow-up of the reservations, SUNSET will send a confirmation by e-mail of the receipt of the reservation and of the receipt of the deposit.

The payment of the deposit and other fees or taxes is made in Mauritian rupees and for the full amount of the orders. This can be paid in Euro or US dollars under certain conditions with the SUNSET exchange rate.

The payment of the deposit can be made :

  • On the spot, at the GRAND BAIE centre, in cash or by credit card (Visa-Master Card), a supplement of 4% will be requested for any payment by credit card.
  • Online on our secure partner site https://www.sunset-diving.mu

Article 5. Settlement of the services

The services shall be paid in full before the start of the activities.

Article 6. Cancellation conditions

6.1 By the Client

The client must inform SUNSET in writing (e-mail or whatsapp) of his cancellation.

  • Cancellation more than 24 hours before the performance: SUNSET will reimburse 50% of the amount received for the reservation, minus an administrative fee of 500 rupees and any other possible bank charges incurred by SUNSET.
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours before the event: SUNSET will retain the total amount received for the reservation.

In the case of a cancellation notified more than 24 hours before the start of the service, SUNSET will, if possible, propose another date to the Client so that he can carry out the reserved service. If the customer is unable to change the date, all sums already paid by the customer will remain with SUNSET.

Any activity that has been started will not be reimbursed if the cancellation is due to the Client (personal convenience, ear problems, stress or any other reason). In the case of a training course, stay or course booked for a specific period of time, SUNSET will not be held responsible if, for personal reasons, the Client has to interrupt the started training course, stay or course, or if the Client does not show up at the place or on the scheduled date. In particular, the sums already paid will be retained by SUNSET and all costs incurred will be charged to the Client.

All cruises in Saint Brandon will not be subject to any total or partial refund, the total amount will remain due. The charter and organisation costs are not refundable to SUNSET either. We ask the divers of these cruises to take out an individual cancellation insurance.

As this is a trip for a group of divers (club outing, works council, holiday camp, etc.), the price of the dives being negotiated on the basis of a global package, no reimbursement can be made if one or more dives have to be cancelled for personal reasons or unfavourable weather conditions.


SUNSET may cancel a diving service for weather or technical reasons.

In case of cancellation for weather reasons, SUNSET can offer to reschedule the service to another more favourable date, within the limits of the available places. If the customer is unable to reschedule the services (too short a stay), the sums already paid to SUNSET will be reimbursed in full.

In the case of a stay for a group of divers (club outing, works council, cruises, holiday camp, etc.), the price of the dives being negotiated on the basis of a global package, no reimbursement will be made if one or more dives have to be cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions and no postponement is possible.

In the case of cancellation for technical reasons, SUNSET can offer to postpone the service to another more favourable date, subject to availability. If the customer is unable to postpone the services (duration of stay too short), SUNSET undertakes to reimburse the amount of the services not performed.

In all these cases of unforeseeable circumstances or events, the additional costs resulting from the partial postponement, the total postponement or the extension of the stay remain at the expense of the Client.

Article 7. Responsibilities

The Client is automatically covered for civil liability during the sessions and dives organised by SUNSET due to the compulsory MSDA insurance of 200 rupees filled in by our clients (if not already done in another centre in Mauritius, insurance valid for 2 months throughout Mauritius). The client is advised to take out additional insurance (personal injury and property damage) to practice scuba diving as well as a cancellation insurance from an authorised organisation.

Article 8. Security and personal effects

The SUNSET Dive Centre is in no way responsible for personal belongings left or entrusted to the dive centre. The dive centre cannot be held responsible for theft or loss of personal belongings in the dive centre or during the dive service.

Article 9. Equipment of the dive centre

The client agrees to pay SUNSET compensation for any damage to or loss of the goods and equipment belonging to SUNSET as a result of abuse or negligence on the part of SUNSET (except for damage due to reasonable and visible wear and tear), corresponding to the full current market value.

Article 10. Storage and archiving of transactions

SUNSET reserves the right to choose the media necessary for the archiving of invoices and other documents relating to any transaction in order to preserve a reliable, faithful and durable traceability.

Article 11. Website Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the website https://susnet-diving.mu

Date of last update: January 2023

Respect for privacy is of the utmost importance to SUNSET.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to set out:

  • how personal information is collected and processed. Personal information is information that can identify the customer;
  • the rights concerning this information;
  • who is responsible for the processing of this information;
  • to whom the information is transmitted;
  • the policy in terms of “cookies”.

11.1 Collection

SUNSET collects the following personal information: Name, first name, nationality, email address.

11.2 Forms and methods of collection

Information is collected through the following methods:

  • Contact form
  • Reservation form
  • SUNSET uses the information collected in this way for the following purposes: order tracking, promotional information/offers, statistics, contact

11.3 Log files and cookies

SUNSET collects certain information by means of log files and cookies. These files make it possible to process statistics and traffic information, to facilitate navigation and to improve the service. The customer may oppose the recording of these cookies by configuring his or her browser software.

11.4 Sharing of information

The personal information collected by the site is not passed on to any third party and is only processed by SUNSET.